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Eurasia Consult scans the food news from China on a daily basis.

On this page, we regularly drop a few lines of what we believe to be interesting information picked up during all that scanning. We will select items that do usually not reach the international media. We will make an effort to start with a clean page each Monday.

Update 14/8/2017

  • Angel Yeast (Hubei) has launched an annual Angel Yeast Award for the best bread in China.
  • The 14th China Green (ecological) Food Fair will be held in Baotou (Inner Mongolia) August 18 – 21.
  • China’s food capital Yantai’s total industrial revenues reached RMB 931 billion in the first half of 2017.
  • Longhai (Fujian) has been designated as ‘China’s Leisure Food Capital’ by the China Food Industry Association.

Update 15/8/2017

  • Distiller Jiuguijiu (Hunan) has filed a turnover of RMB 371 mln in the first half of 2017; up 27.33%.
  • Wahaha (Zhejiang) has launched a new type fruit nectar.

Update 16/8/2017

  • Former dairy giant Taizinai is making a reentry to the market.
  • China’s leading date processor Haoxiangni, is adding lotus seeds and silver fungus (yin’er) to its product range.

Update 17/8/2017

  • Yuwenqing Beverage (Shanghai) has launched a TCM-inspired health drink based swallow nests.
  • The Chinese catering industry generated a total turnover of RMB 2175 bln in the first 7 months of 2107; up 11.2%.

Update 18/8/2017

  • China has produced 78.28 mln hls of spirits in the first 7 months of 2017; up 4.8%.
  • TCM producer Pangaoshou and Guanbao Beverages (Guangdong) have entered into a strategic alliance to promote fruit vinegar drinks.